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Инструкция к Стиральной Машине Ariston AXD 100





Washing machine

Washing machine

Instructions for installation and use

Instructions for installation and use

Máquina de lavar roupa

Máquina de lavar roupa

Instruções para a instalação e a utilização

Instruções para a instalação e a utilização

Ñòèðàëüíàÿ ìàøèíà

Ñòèðàëüíàÿ ìàøèíà

Èíñòðóêöèè ïî óñòàíîâêå è èñïîëúçîâàíèþ

Èíñòðóêöèè ïî óñòàíîâêå è èñïîëúçîâàíèþ

ÐëõíôÞñéï ñïý÷ùí

ÐëõíôÞñéï ñïý÷ùí

Ïäçãßåò åãêáôÜóôáóçò êáé ÷ñÞóçò

Ïäçãßåò åãêáôÜóôáóçò êáé ÷ñÞóçò



Instrucciones para la instalación y el uso

Instrucciones para la instalación y el uso



Istruzioni per linstallazione e luso

Istruzioni per linstallazione e luso

Washing machine


Ñòèðàëüíàÿ ìàøèíà







Instructions for installation and use

Èíñòðóêöèè ïî óñòàíîâêå è èñïîëúçîâàíèþ

Instrucciones para la instalación y el uso

Máquina de lavar roupa


ÐëõíôÞñéï ñïý÷ùí







Instruções para a instalação e a utilização

Ïäçãßåò åãêáôÜóôáóçò êáé ÷ñÞóçò

Istruzione per linstallazione e luso



AXD 100



Instructions for


installation and use

The secrets

The secrets

Class A at


of fabrics

of fabrics

The first washing

machine to give a

How to get better results

How to get better results

perfect wash at only

4 0°C



The first washing

machine to have The

Woolmark Company



Washing machine


and easy to use



Quick guide to


Here are the 11 topics explained in this manual. Read,

learn and have fun: you will discover many secret

ways to get a better wash, more easily and making

your washing machine last longer.

1. Installation and removal (p. 10)

Installation, after delivery or transport, is the most important

operation for the correct functioning of your Margherita washing

machine. Always check:

1. That the electric system conforms to regulations;

2. That the inlet and draining pipes are connected correctly.

Never use pipes that have already been used;

3. That the washing machine is levelled properly; something worth

checking to aid the performance of your washing machine;

4. That the drum's fixing screws have been removed from the back

of the washing machine.

8. Care and maintenance (p. 11)

2. What goes in your washing machine and how

Margherita is a true friend. With just a bit of care, it will repay you

to start your Margherita (p. 2)

with loyalty and devotion.

With the necessary upkeep, it will wash for years and years to come.

A correct distribution of your laundry is vital to the successful

outcome of the wash and the life of the washing machine. Learn all

9. Problems and solutions (p. 8 and 9)

the tips and secrets to dividing your linen: colour, type of fabric.

Before calling a technician, read these pages: immediate solutions

3. Guide to understanding labels (p. 5)

may be found for a number of problems. If the problem persists, call

your local Ariston customer services who will be pleased to help.

Any failure will be repaired, as soon as possible.

The symbols on the labels of your garments are easy to understand

and equally important for the success of your wash. The guide

includes simple instructions to help you choose the right tempera-

10. Technical characteristics (p. 9)

ture, wash cycles and ironing methods.

Herein are the technical features of your washing machine: model

4. Useful tips to avoid mistakes (p. 6)

type number, electric and water specifications, size, capacity, speed

of the spin cycle and compliance with Italian and European


Years back, our grandmothers were the ones who gave us good advice

- and in those days synthetic fibres did not exist: washing was easy.

Today, Margherita offers you helpful advice allowing you to wash

11. Safety for you and your family (p. 12)

cashmere and wool even better than an expert laundress would by


Here you will find the necessary safety guidelines, and it is important

for you to read this section carefully.

5. The detergent dispenser (p. 7)

How to use the detergent dispenser and the bleach compartment.

6. Understanding the control panel (p. 3 - 4)

Margheritas control panel is very simple. It has only a few essential

buttons to help you choose any type of wash cycle, ranging from the

most energetic, capable of cleaning a mechanics overalls, to the

most delicate for cashmere. Familiarising yourself with it will help

you get the best out of your wash while helping your washing machine

last longer. Its easy.

7. Guide to Margheritas programmes (p. 4)

Herein is an easy table to help you choose the right programme,

temperature, detergents and possible additives. Choose the right

programme and you will get better results with your wash while

saving time, water and energy, day after day.


Margherita - Instructions for installation and use




Dividing your

What goes in your washer?

garments according to

fabric and colour, is

very important for

Before washing, you can do a great deal to ensure better results. Divide your

good results.

garments according to fabric and colour. Read the labels, follow their guidelines.

Before washing.

The labels say it all.

Big and small happily

Divide your washing according to

Always look at the labels: they


the type of fabric and colour

tell you everything about your

This washing machine has a special


garment and how to wash it in

electronic control device for even

Empty all pockets (coins, paper,

the best possible way.

distribution: before the spin cycle

money and small obejects) and

The table on page 5 shows all

starts, this device allows the

ensure all loose buttons are

meanings behind these symbols.

garments to positions themselves,

repaired or removed prior to

Their recommendations are

to minimise noise and vibrations


important to achieve better

during the spin cycle.

wash results

Starting Margherita

After installing your new washing machine, start a

wash cycle by setting programme "1" at 90 degrees.

Starting Margherita in the right

1. The door is closed correctly.

way is important for the quality

2. The plug is secured in the

of your wash, to help prevent


future problems and enhance life

3. The water supply is turned on.

expectancy of your appliance.

Once you have loaded your

Turn the appliance on

washing machine and added the

Press button B (position I ).

detergent together with any

fabric conditioner, always check

Choose the desired programme


The programme is selected

according to the type of garments

At the end of the wash cycle...

Remember that, in the event

For more delicate

that need to be washed. To

Wait for symbol

to come off

of a power failure, or should


choose a programme, refer to the

and the word End to appear.

the washing machine switch

protect underwear,

table on page 4. Turn knob A

Then turn Margherita off by

itself off, the programme

tights and stockings

until the selected programme

pressing on-off button B (O

chosen will remain in its

and delicate items by

coincides with the pointer

position). You can now open the


placing them in a

situated on the upper part of glass

washing machine door safely.

canvas pouch.

G, set all the options available

After having removed the freshly

(flashing) as indicated on pages

cleaned washing, leave the door

3 and 4 (reference

), then press

open to allow air circulation

button C (Start/Reset).

inside the drum.

If you want to interrupt the

Always disconnect electricity at

programme in progress, press

the socket and turn off the water

button C for at least 3 seconds.


How to eliminate the most common stains

Ink and biro Dab with a wad of cotton soaked in methyl alcohol or alcohol at 90°.

Tar Dab with fresh butter, rub in turpentine then wash immediately.

Wax Scrape away, then run a hot iron between two sheets of absorbent paper. Then rub in cotton with

turpentine or methyl alcohol.

Chewing gum Rub in nail polish remover and wipe with a clean rag.

Mold Cotton and white linen should be placed in a solution of 5 parts water, one bleach and a spoon of vinegar,

then washed immediately. For other white fabrics, use hydrogen peroxide at 10 volumes and wash immediately.

Lipstick Dab with ether on wool or cotton. Use tricloroetilene for silk.

Nail polish Place a sheet of absorbent paper on the side of the stain, wet it with nail polish remover, shifting the

garment as the sheet gradually changes colour.

Grass Dab with a wad of cotton soaked in methyl alcohol.

Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use




To use this, press the Select

button until the On sign comes on.

During a wash cycle, the

selectionof this option is indicated

by symbol

coming on.

This option is available on

programmes 2-3-5-6-7-8-10 and

Rinse cycles.

Note: It must not be used with the

Easy iron option.

Easy iron

This function allows your

washing to come out of the

machine without creases,

making it much easier to iron.

The appliance optimises the

washing conditions according to

the type of fabrics that are being


It is enabled with programmes

3-5-6-7-8-11 and Rinse cycles.

To enable it, press the Select

button until the On sign comes on.

In programmes 6-7-8-11 and

Light Rinse cycles, the wash

cycle is interrupted and the

washing is left to soak in water

before the appliance is drained.

To complete the cycle, press the

Select button.

During a wash cycle, the enabling

of this option is indicated by


coming on.

Note: It must not be used with

the Stain removal option.

Rinse level

This increases the efficiency of

the rinse. We recommend that you

use it when dealing with a full

load and a great amount of


There are three levels; press the

Select button to select them.




This option is available on

programmes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and

Rinse cycles.

Note: Function

is disabled.

Margherita - Instructions for installation and use







Understanding the control panel

Here Im in command

Making the right choice is important. And its easy.

Margheritas knobs

are hidden. Just

Programme selector knob

press them lightly in

To select a programme, you

the middle to

extract them.

should turn the knob so that the

symbol/number of the desired

programme is in line with the

pointer on the glass G.


When button B is pressed, the

washing machine is switched on,

when it is not the machine is

switched off.

Turning the appliance off does

Mode Select

not cancel the selected

Spin variation


The display indicates the maximum

When the appliance is switched

speed relating to the programme

on, all the symbols on the display

set, which can be reduced by

light up for at least 8 seconds,

pressing the Select button right

after which only the ones that

down to its total exclusion (Off).

can be selected will flash.

During a wash cycle, the selection


of the spin cycle exclusion is

All the options available are

indicated by symbol


displayed on the right-hand side.

Start /Reset


Use the Mode button to select

This button allows you to start

This option is available on all

the desired option, and the rela-

the selected wash programme or

wash programmes except for

tive symbol will begin flashing.

to interrupt it.

number 11 and Drain.

On the left-hand side, the value

If you press it briefly, the button

Wash intensity

or the status (On-Off) of the

functions as Start, if you press

This allows you to modify the

selected option is displayed, and

it for at least 3 seconds, then it

characteristics of the selected wash

you can modify it using the

functions as Reset.

Select button.

programme, according to how

After the Start of the appliance,

To access the subsequent option,

soiled the washing is. There are

moving the programme selector

press the Mode button,

three levels; press the select button

knob will have no effect

otherwise press button C (Start/

to Select them.


Reset) to start the wash cycle.


All the options available are

listed below.

Detergent dispenser

Only options relevant to the

It is divided into three

selected programme will be




1. Detergent for pre-wash;

2. Detergent for the main cycle




The display indicates the

3. Fabric conditioner.

maximum temperature relating

This option is available on

The washing machine is

to the programme set, which can

programmes 1-2-3-5-6-7-8.

equipped with an extra

be reduced by pressing the

compartment 4 (provided as an

Delay timer

Select button right down to cold

accessory) for the bleach, to be

This allows you to delay the start

wash (Off).

of the wash cycle by a minimum

inserted in compartment 1.

This option is available on all

of 1 to a maximum of 24 hours

wash programmes.

by pressing the Select button.

The enabling of the delayed start

Programme key

is indicated by the symbol

This contains the descriptions of

coming on and staying on until

the wash programmes and the

the wash cycle begins.

various functions connected to



This option is not available on the

the buttons. Pull it outwards to

Drain and Spin cycle

open it.



Stain removal

(see page 7)


Thanks to this command, the


washing machine will carry out a

more intensive wash that optimises

the effectiveness of the liquid

The detergent dispenser with

additives, thus allowing more

the additional bleach

compartment is here.

resistant stains to be removed.





Special displays

Programme length

End of the programme

Door lock

(left-hand side of the display):

During the wash cycle, the

At the end of the programme, the


on indicates that the

amount of time left is displayed.

word End is displayed.

washing machine door is locked

As soon as you switch the

to prevent it from being opened

appliance on.

Error message

During the wash cycle.

accidentally. To avoid any

You can display the remaining

In the event of a fault, a message

You can view the characteristics

damages, you must wait for it to

amount of time of the last wash

is displayed, (e.g. F-01), which

of the programme in progress by

come off and for the word End

programme selected.

should be communicated to the

pressing the Mode button and

to appear before you open the

Service Centre.

also modify them, if need be, by


When you select a new

pressing the Select button.


The estimated duration of the

selected programme is displayed.

What are you washing today?

A programme for all seasons

Type of fabric and degree of soil Program-





Length of

Description of wash cycle



for wash


removal /

the cycle




Exceptionally soiled whites

Prewash cycle, wash cycle at 90°C,

(sheets, tablecloths, etc.)

1 90°C



rinse cycles, intermediate and final

spin cycles

Exceptionally soiled whites

Wash cycle at 90°C, rinse cycles,

2 90°C




(sheets, tablecloths, etc.)

intermediate and final spin cycles

Heavily soiled whites and fast

Wash cycle at 60°C, rinse cycles,

3 60°C





intermediate and final spin cycles

Heavily soiled whites and fast

Wash cycle at 40°C, rinse cycles,





intermediate and final spin cycles

Slightly soiled whites and delicate

Wash cycle at 40°C, rinse cycles,





colours (shirts, jumpers, etc.)

intermediate and final spin cycles


Heavily soiled fast colour

Wash cycle at 60°C, rinse cycles, anti-

6 60°C




synthetics (baby linen, etc.)

crease or delicate spin cycle

Slightly soiled fast colour

Wash cycle at 40°C, rinse cycles, anti-

synthetics (all types of slightly





crease or delicate spin cycle

soiled garment)

Heavily soiled fast colour

Wash cycle at 50°C, rinse cycles, anti-





synthetics (baby linen, etc.)

crease or delicate spin cycle

Delicate colour synthetics (all

Wash cycle at 40°C, rinse cycles, anti-





types of slightly soiled garments)

crease or delicate spin cycle

Delicate colour synthetics (all

Wash cycle at 30°C, rinse cycles and

9 30°C



types of slightly soiled garments)

delicate spin cycle


Wool - Hand wash

Wash cycle at 40°C, rinse cycles and

10 40°C




delicate spin cycle

Particularly delicate garments and

Wash cycle at 30°C, rinse cycles, anti-

11 30°C



fabrics (curtains, silk, viscose, etc.)

crease or draining


Rinse cycles


Rinse cycles, spin cycles

Light rinse cycles


Rinse cycles, anti-crease or draining

Spin cycle Draining and spin cycle

Light spin cycle Draining and delicate spin cycle

Drain Drain no spin

Important: to cancel the wash programme you have just set, press button C for at least 3 seconds (Start/Reset).

The data found in the table is purely indicative, and can vary according to the quantity and type of washing, the water system

temperature and the room temperature.

Special programmes

Class A at 40°C Margherita has a special programme to allow you to obtain optimum results even at low temperatures.

By setting programme 4 at a temperature of 40° C, the results you will obtain will be the same as you would normally obtain at 60°C

thanks to the washing machines action and the length of the wash cycle.

Daily wash Margherita has a programme available for the washing of lightly soiled garments in a short amount of time.

By setting programme 9 at a temperature of 30°C, you can wash different types of fabrics together (except for wool and silk), with a

maximum load of 3 kg. This programmes allows you to save on both time and energy as it only lasts around 30 minutes.


Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use




Understanding labels

Learn the meaning of these symbols and you will get

better results, your garments will last longer resulting

in an improved wash.

All over Europe, garment labels

These symbols are divided in five

contain messages expressed in

different categories and shapes:

small yet important symbols.


, bleaching ,

Understanding them is very


, dry cleaning and

important if you want to get



better results and treat your

garments the way they deserve to

be treated.

Useful tips

Turn shirts inside out to get better results

and make them last longer.

Always empty pockets of their contents.

Look at the label: it will always give you

useful advice.

When loading your washing, try to have a

mixture of large to small items.

Make sure you select the right


Consult and learn the symbols in this table: they will help you

obtain a better wash, treat your clothes properly, and get a

better performance out of your Ariston Margherita.

Wash Bleaching Ironing Dry cleaning Drying






e action






Wash at

Bleaching only in

Hot iron at

Dry clean with any



cold water

max 200°C




Dry clean only with

Medium hot

perchloride, benzine

Wash at

ironing at

av., pure alcohol,

Do not machine

60°C Do not bleach

max 150°C

R111 and R113



Dry clean with av.

Wash at

Iron at max

benzine, pure



alcohol and R113 Spread to dry

Hang to dry

Wash at

without spin

30°C Not ironable Do not dry clean


Dry on clothes

Hand wash



washable in



Margherita - Instructions for installation and use




Useful tips

Never use your washing

How much does it weigh?

Holidays: unplug the

machine to wash... torn, fraying

1 sheet 400-500 gr.


or non-hemmed linen. If it is

1 pillow case 150-200 gr.

It is recommended that you

absolutely neccessary, place it in

1 tablecloth 400-500 gr.

should unplug the machine from

a bag for protection. Do not wash

1 bathrobe 900-1,200 gr.

the socket and turn off the water

coloured linen with whites.

1 towel 150-250 gr.

supply. Leave the door ajar to

allow air circulation to the draw

Watch the weight!

Coloured T-shirts, printed

and the door gasket area. This

For best results, do not exceed

ones and shirts last longer if

will prevent unpleasant odours.

the weight limits stated below

turned inside out before washing.

(figures show weight of dry

Printed T-shirts and sweatshirts


should always be ironed inside


- Resistant fabrics:

6 kg maximum

Dungaree alert.


- Synthetic fabrics:

Very popular salopette type

2.5 kg maximum

For best results, we

overalls have straps with hooks that

- Delicate fabrics:

recommend you use a

can damage the drum of your

2 kg maximum

specific detergent, taking

washing machine or other garments

- Pure new wool:

care not to wash more

during the wash. To minimise the

1 kg maximum

than 1,5 kg of laundry.

risk, place hooks in the pocket and

fasten with safety pins.

How to wash almost anything


Quilted coats and anorak.


Curtains tend to crease a great

You can wash quilted coats and

Once you have removed mud and

deal. A useful tip to reduce

wind-cheaters, too, if they are

dirt from trainers, you can even

creasing: fold the curtains and

padded with goose or duck

wash them with jeans or any

place them in a pillow case or

down. Do not load more than

other tough garments. Do not

mesh bag. Do not load anything

2-3 kg and never load 6 kg. Repeat

wash trainers with whites.

else inside the appliance, this will

rinse once or twice using the

ensure that the overall weight

gentle spin.

does not exceed the half load.

Remember to use the specific

programme 11 which automa-

tically excludes the spin cycle.


Cashmere Gold: As gentle as a hand wash

The first Washer to have "The Woolmark Company" recognition.

The Cashmere Gold wash

washing Woolmark garments

preventing the fibres from

programme has been studied

labelled as hand wash. This


for machine washing even the

is the first gentle action hand

Always use programme 10 with

most delicate and valuable

wash cycle approved by The

garments bearing the hand wash

wool and Cashmere

Woolmark Company.

symbol: the washbasin and




The Merloni Elettrodomesti-

This has been made possible

To take care of your woollen

ci wool wash cycle has been

thanks to the speed of the

items, we recommend you use

tested and approved by The

drum at 90 rpm, even during

special detergents.

Woolmark Company for

the rinse cycle, thus

Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use




Its important for a good wash

Useful tips about the detergent dispenser

The first secret is the easiest: the detergent

In compartment 1:

dispenser is opened by rotating it outwards.

Detergent for pre-washing (powder)



In compartment 2:

You must follow the dosage

Remember that liquid detergent

Detergent for washing

(powder or liquid)

recommendations provided by

is only designed for wash cycles


the manufacturers when adding

of up to 60 degrees on non pre-

In compartment 3:


Additives (softeners, perfumes, etc.)

detergent or fabric conditioner.

wash items.


Doses will vary according to the

Special containers are sold with

In compartment 4:

Bleach and delicate bleach.

wash load, the water hardness and

liquid or powder detergents for

how soiled the washing is.

placing inside the washing

Experience will help you select

machine drum, these are

the right dosage almost

positioned according to the

automatically: it will become

instructions found in the

your secret.

detergent box

Before adding detergent for pre-

Never use hand wash detergent,

washing in compartment 1, make

because it may form too much

sure that the extra compartment

foam, which could damage the

Bleach cycle

for bleach 4 has not been inserted.

washing machine.

Ensure no overfilling when adding

Detergents that are specifically

If bleaching is necessary, the ex-

fabric conditioner in compart-

formulated for both hand and

tra case 4 (provided) must be

ment 3.

machine wash are an exception.

inserted into compartment 1 of

The washing machine automa-

One last secret: when washing

the detergent dispenser.



tically adds the softener to the

with cold water, always reduce

When pouring in the bleach, be

wash in each programme.

the amount of detergent you use:

careful not to exceed the "max"

Liquid detergent is poured into

it dissolves less easily in cold

level indicated on the central

compartment 2 just a few

water than in hot water, so part

pivot (see illustration).


seconds before starting the wash

of it would be wasted.

The use of the additional bleach


container excludes the

possibility of using the pre-wash

cycle. Traditional bleach can


only be used on sturdy white

You cannot bleach with the 11

fabrics, whereas delicate

Silk programme and with the

bleach can be used for

special programmes (see page 4).

coloured fabrics, synthetics

Should you wish to bleach

and for wool.

The detergent dispenser can be

separately, pour the bleach into

removed and cleaned: just lift it up

extra compartment 4, set the

and pull it outwards ,as indicated in

the figure. Then leave it under running

rinse programme


water for a few minutes.

cottons fabrics or the light


rinse programme for


The rinse level should be set to

Medium or High (see page 3).

When bleaching during a

normal wash cycle, pour in the

A guide to

Cutting costs efficiently

detergent and additives into the


special compartments (see table

friendly and economic

on page 4), set the desired

use of your appliance.


programme and select the stain

Achieve the best use of energy, water, detergent and time by using the

removal option.

recommended maximum load size.

SAVE up to 50% energy by washing a full load instead of 2 half loads.


For heavily soiled laundry only!

SAVE detergent, time, water and between 5 to 15% energy consumption by

NOT selecting Prewash for slight to normally soiled laundry.


Pretreat stains with stain remover or soak dried in stains in water before

washing to reduce the necessity of a hot wash programme.

SAVE up to 50% energy by using a 60°C wash programme.


SAVE energy and time by selecting a high spin speed to reduce the water

content in laundry before using a drying programme.


Margherita - Instructions for installation and use





Before calling, read the following

In most cases, when your washing machine fails to work, the problems

arising can be easily solved without having to call for a technician. Before

calling for assistance, always check these points.

The washing machine

washing machine cannot work

fails to start.

if the door is open or not shut

But where did all the water go?


Simple: with the new Ariston technology, you need less than

Is the plug correctly

half of it, to get good results on twice as much!

inserted into the socket? It

Is the On/Off button

This is why you cannot see the water through the door:

could have been moved whilst


because there is little, very little of it, to respect the


If it is, then a programmed

environment yet without renouncing maximum cleanliness.

start has been set.

And, on top of that, you are also saving electricity.

Is there electricity in the


Is the Start/Reset button

A circuit breaker may have


switched off as a result of too

If it is, then a programmed

many electrical appliances

start has been set.

working at the same time. Or

maybe due to a general failure

Is the water supply turned

in your entire area.

on? For safety reasons, if the

washing machine does not

Is the washing machine door

load water, it cannot start a

closed properly?

wash cycle.

For safety reasons, the

The washing machine

The washing machine

fails to fill with water.

continuously fills and

drains water.

Is the hose correctly



connected to the tap?

Is the drain hose

Is there a water shortage ?

positioned too low? It must

Turn off the water

Leave the washing

There could be work in

be installed at a height ranging

supply after use.

machine plugged in

This will eliminate

while cleaning.

progress in your building or

from 60 to 100 cm.

the possibility of

Even during mainte-


Is the end of the hose


nance, the appliance

should always be

Is there sufficient water

immersed in water?

Always leave the


pressure? The autoclave may

Does the wall drainage

appliance door

be malfunctioning.

system have a breather

ajar to avoid bad

Use solvents and

pipe? If the problem persists


aggressive abrasives.

Is the tap filter clean? If the

Never use solvents or

even after these checks, turn

water is very calcareous, or if

Clean the

abrasives to clean the

the water supply off the


external and rubber

work has recently been carried

machine and call for

exteriors gently.

parts of the washing

out on the water piping, the tap


To clean the


filter could be clogged with

If you live on an upper floor of

exteriors and the

particles and debris.

your building, there may be a

rubber parts of

Neglect the detergent


problem with your drain trap.

the appliance,

Is the rubber hose kinked?

always use a soft

It is removable and

To solve this problem, a special

cloth dipped in

can easily be cleaned

The tract of the rubber hose

valve must be installed.

warm and soapy

by leaving it under

bringing water to washing


running water.

machine must be as straight as

possible. Make sure it is not

Go on holiday without

squashed or kinked.

thinking about her.

Before leaving, always

make sure that the

washing machine is

unplugged and that

the water supply is

turned off.

Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use




Is the drain hose kinked?

Is there space between the

The tract of the drain hose

machine and adjacent units?

must be as straight as possible.

If it is not a built-in model, the

Make sure the drain hose is not

washing machine will oscillate

squashed or kinked.

a bit during the spin cycle. A

few cm of space should

Is the washing machines

therefore be left around it.

drain duct clogged? Is there

Too much foam.

The washing machine

an extension of the drain

does not drain or spin.

hose? If so, is it positioned

Is the detergent appropriate

incorrectly, blocking the water

for machine washing? Check

Does the selected


whether the definition on its

programme incorporates

label reads for machine wash

water draining? Some

or hand and machine wash,

programmes stop at the end of

or any other similar wording.

the wash cycles and draining

The washing machine

will have to be selected

Is the correct amount being



used? An excessive amount of

detergent, besides producing

Is the Easy iron" function

Is the metal ring of the inlet

Excessive vibration

too much foam, does not

-where provided - enabled?

hose properly attached? Turn

during the spin cycle.

guarantee a more effective

Complete the programme by

off the water supply, unplug

wash, and causes scaling in the

pressing the Select button.

the appliance and try

Have all transit screws been

internal parts of the appliance.

tightening its attachment

Is the drain pump clogged?

removed durind instal-

without forcing it.

To check it, turn off the water

lation? See the following

If, despite all checks, the

supply, unplug the washing

page on installation

Is the detergent dispenser

washing machine fails to

machine and follow the


obstructed? Remove and

function and the problem

instructions on page 11, or call

wash it under tap water.

persists, call your nearest

Has the washing machine

for technical assistance.

authorised Customer Service

been levelled correctly? The

Is the drain hose well

Centre, providing the following

levelling of the appliance

attached? Turn off the water


should be checked

supply, unplug the appliance

- the nature of malfunction

periodically. Adjust the feet

and try tightening its

- the model type no. (Mod. ....)

and check them with a level.


Always get

- the serial number (S/N ....)

This information can be found on

assistance from

the data plate situated at the back


of the washing machine.

technicians and

always insist on

original spare


Technical characteristics


AXD 100


width 59,5 cm

height 85 cm

depth 53,5 cm


from 1 to 6 kg


voltage 220/230 Volt 50 Hz


maximum absorbed power 2300 W


maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar)


minimum pressure 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)

drum capacity 52 litre

Spinning speed

up to 1000 rpm

Control programs

programme 3; te mperature 60°C; rinse lev el ; wash inte nsity ;

in compliance

carried out with 6,0 kg load.

with IEC

regulation 456

This appliance conforms with the following E.E.C. directives:

- 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent modifications

- 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent modifications


Margherita - Instructions for installation and use




Installation and removal

When Margherita


Whether new or just transported to a new house,

installation is extremely important for the correct

functioning of your washing machine.

After removing the appliance

Connection to the water

from its packaging, check that it


is intact. If in doubt, contact a

Water pressure must range within

qualified technician immediately.

the values indicated on the data

The inside of the machine is

plate on the rear of your washing

supported, for transportation, by

machine. If the water pipes are

four screws on the back panel.

new or left unused, then before

connecting the machine run the

water until clear to remove

Electric connection

debris. Connect the inlet hose to

Before connecting the appliance

a cold water tap having a ¾ BSP

to the electric socket, be sure

thread. Ensure that the rubber


sealing washers are fitted at each

1) the electric socket is able to

end of the inlet hose, with the fitter

sustain the appliances

washer at the tap end.

maximum power load

Before using the washing machine,

indicated on the data plate

The hook to be used in case the drain

remove the screws, remove the

hose ends at a height below 60 cm.

and in compliance with the

spacers together with the rubber


tubes attached to them (keeping

If the drains hose empties into a

2) the supply voltage is included


all the parts) and use the plastic

tub or sink then fit the plastic

within the values indicated

plugs provided to fill in the holes.

guide and secure it to the tap.

on the data plate;

Important: Use the cap (provided)

3) the socket is compatible with

to close the 3 holes which housed

the appliances plug. If not,

The rubber gasket .

the stop pin, situated in the right-

do not use adapters, but

hand part of the lower back of the

replace either the socket or

Connect the inlet hose to the

washing machine.

the plug;

threaded connector on the

4) electric household appliances

machine rear.

must be equipped with an


earthing system.

The washing machine must be

The guide for draining into tubs and

levelled appropriatey in order to


guarantee its correct functioning.

The end of the drain hose must

To level the appliance, the front

be positioned so that it cannot

feet must be adjusted; the angle

become submerged.

of inclination, measured

Extensions are unadvisable. In

according to the worktop, must

Water pipe inlet at the top right.

case of absolute need, the

not exceed 2°. When placed on

extension must have the same

carpet, make sure the ventilation

diameter as the original hose and

is not reduced.

Connecting the drain


must not exceed 150 cm. In case

There are two hooks (right or

of wall draining pipes, their

efficiency must be checked by a

left) on the rear of your washing

machine to which the drain hose

qualified technician. If the

dwelling is on one of the upper

is to be fixed. Insert the other

end in a stand pipe or place it on

floors of a building, there may be

drain trap problems causing the


the edge of a sink or tub avoiding

The company denies

excessive kinks and bending. It

washing machine to load and

all liability if and

The front feet are adjustable.

unload water continuously.

should be placed at a height

when these norms are

ranging from 60 to 100 cm. If it

In order to avoid such an

not respected.

Retain the transit screws,

inconvenience, special anti-drain

is necessary to fix the end of the

spacers and washers.

hose at a height below 60 cm

trap valves are available in shops.

Plastic bags,

Should you move house

expanded styrofoam,

from the ground, it must be fixed

then these should be

nails and other

in the appropriate hook placed

replaced to support the

packaging parts are

on the upper part of the back

inside of the machine to

not childrens toys,


prevent damage when

and are potentially

transporting the



Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use




Easy Care and Maintenance

Treat your machine well and it will provide

many years of trouble free service

Your washing machine is a reliable companion in life and on the job. It is just as important for you to

keep it in shape.

Margherita is a washing machine

It is important to

designed to provide reliable

wash the detergent

service over many years. A few

dispenser regularly.

simple steps will help to prolong

To prevent dried

its life and avoid problems. It is

washing powder from

advisable, to turn off water taps

accumulating, place

when the machine is not to be

the dispenser under

used, this protects the hoses, etc.

running water for a

If the water in your area is too

few minutes.

hard, use a deliming product

(water is hard if it often leaves

whitish stains around taps or

drains, especially of bath tubs.

Never exaggerate with

For more accurate information as


to the type of water in your

Normal detergents already

system, call the local water

contain deliming agents. Only if

works or a local plumber).

the water is particularly hard,

Pockets must always be emptied

that is, rich in lime content, do

removing even pins, badges and

we recommend the use of a

any other hard object.

specific product at every wash.

The washing machine exterior

A periodical wash cycle with a

should be cleaned with a rag

dose of a deliming product,

dipped in lukewarm water and

without detergents or washing,


may prove useful.

Never use too much detergent or

additives because this could cau-

se an excess amount of foam,

scaling and possible damage to

the component parts of your

washing machine.

Do not forget to empty all pockets: small objects can cause

damage to your friend Margherita.

When in need, check the pump and the rubber hose.

Margherita comes equipped with a self-cleaning pump that does not require any cleaning or maintenance. Small objects

may accidentally fall into the pump: coins, hair clips, loose buttons and other small items. To avoid possible damage,

they are withheld in an accessible pre-chamber, situated at the lower end of the pump.

Attention: Before attempting to examine this pre-chamber,

first ensure that the machine has finished its programme and

is empty. Unplug the machine, as with any maintenance.

To gain access gently ease down the top of the plinth panel

situated at the base of the machine, with a screwdriver etc,

to release it. Then ease the top edge forward to allow it to be

lifted clear (Fig. 1). Place a shallow dish or tray below the

cover of the pre-chamber to catch the small amount of water

present. Release the cover by turning anti-clockwise (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Ensure that the cover is securely replaced.

Re-fit the plinth cover by inserting the hooks on its lower

edge into the slots and ease the top edge back into position.

The water inlet hose

Check the rubber hose at least once a year. If you see any cracks, replace it immediately. When you use your washing

machine, water pressure is very strong and a cracked tube could easily split open.


Margherita - Instructions for installation and use




Important for the safe use of your Margherita

Your safety and that of

Margherita has been built in compliance with

the strictest international safety regulations.

To protect you and all your family.

your family

Read these instructions and all

5. Never touch the washing

7. Never open the detergent

8. Never pull on the supply

the information in this manual

machine when barefoot

dispenser while the

cable or the washing

carefully: they are an

or with wet or damp

appliance is functioning;

machine to disconnect it

important source, not only of

hands or feet.

do not use hand wash

from the wall socket: it is

numerous useful tips, but also

detergent because the

extremely dangerous.

6. Never use extensions or

of vital information on safety,

abundance of foam could

multiple plugs, which are

9. While the appliance is

use and maintenance.

damage its internal parts.

particularly dangerous in

functioning, do not touch

1. Margherita should not be

humid environments. The

the drain water as it

installed in an outdoor

power supply cable must

could reach very high

environment, not even

never be bent or

temperatures. The

when a roof shelters the

dangerously compressed.

appliance door, during

area, because it may be

wash cycles, tends to

very dangerous to leave it

become hot; ensure that

exposed to rain and

children do no touch it.


Never force the washing

2. It must only be used by

machine door because

adults and exclusively for

this could damage the

I only want an

washing clothes following

safety lock which prevents

authorised specialised

the instructions provided in

accidental opening when

technician with original

this manual.

the nachine is working.

Ariston spare parts!

Allow a few minutes at the

3. Should it have to be moved,

end of the program for the

proceed with the help of

lock to release.

two or three people and

handle it with the utmost

10. In case of malfunctio-

care. Never try to do this

ning, first close the

alone, because the

water tap and unplug the

appliance is very heavy.

appliance from the wall

socket; do not under any

4. Before loading the washing

circumstances touch

machine, make sure the

internal parts in order to

drum is empty.

attempt repairs.

How to change the power supply cable

The power supply cable must only be replaced by one of our authorised Service Engineers.

Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use





Margherita - Instructions for installation and use






AXD 100



Instruções para


a instalação e a utilização

Classe A a

Os segredos

Os segredos


A primeira máquina de

lavar roupa que dá uma

dos tecidos

dos tecidos

limpeza perfeita só a 40°C

Conselhos para lavar melhor

Conselhos para lavar melhor



A primeira máquina de

lavar roupa com o

reconhecimento de "The

Woolmark Company"


Máquina de lavar


e fácil de usar

Margherita - Instruções para a instalação e a utilização



Guia rápido da


Descubra aqui os 12 assuntos que são explicados nas páginas

deste manual. Leia, aprenda, divirta-se... Descobrirá

pequenos segredos para lavar melhor, com menos trabalho

e para fazer durar mais a sua máquina de lavar. Chamamos

a sua especial atenção para o capítulo da segurança.


Instalação e mudança (p. 24)

A instalação, depois da entrega ou depois de uma mudança, é a

operação mais importante para o bom funcionamento de Margheri-

ta. Verifique sempre:

1. Se a instalação eléctrica está em conformidade com as normas;

2. Se os tubos de carregamento e descarga de água estão ligados

correctamente. Nunca utilize tubos já usados;

3. Se a máquina de lavar roupa está nivelada. Este factor é importante

para a duração da máquina de lavar roupa e para a qualidade da lavagem;

4. Que tenham sido tirados os parafusos que prendem o tambor,

situados na traseira da máquina de lavar roupa.


Cuidados e manutenção (p. 25)


O que colocar na máquina de lavar e como iniciar

a Margherita (p. 16)

Margherita é uma amiga: bastam poucos pequenos cuidados, para obter

tanta fidelidade e dedicação.

Cuide dela com zelo e lavará anos e anos.

Dividir correctamente as roupas é uma operação importante, quer para

conseguir uma lavagem perfeita, quer para a duração da máquina de la-

var. Aprenda todos os truques e os segredos para dividir a roupa: cores,


Problemas e soluções (p. 22 e 23)

tipo de tecido, tendência a soltar fios, são os critérios mais importantes.

Antes de chamar o técnico, leia este capítulo: muitíssimos problemas


Guia para compreender etiquetas (p. 19)

podem ter solução imediata. Mas se não conseguir resolver, ligue para

o número da assistência técnica da Ariston e em pouco tempo qualquer

anomalia será reparada.

É fácil perceber os símbolos indicados nas etiquetas das peças de

vestuário e que também são muito importantes para o êxito da

lavagem. Aqui encontramos um guia fácil, para seleccionar


Características técnicas (p. 23)

adequadamente as temperaturas aconselhadas, tipos de tratamento e

modalidades de passar a ferro.

Aqui encontra as características técnicas da máquina de lavar: modelo,

especificações eléctricas e hidráulicas, dimensões, capacidade,


Conselhos úteis para não se enganar (p. 20)

velocidade da centrifugação e a conformidade com as normas e

directivas europeias.

Antigamente havia as avós para dar bons conselhos... Hoje em dia, a

Margherita fornece muitos bons conselhos e até permite lavar lã e


Segurança para adultos e crianças (p. 26)

caxemira da mesma maneira que uma delicada lavagem à mão.

Aqui encontra conselhos indispensáveis, para a sua própria segurança


A gaveta dos detergentes (p. 21)

e a de toda a família. Isto porque, a segurança é a coisa mais impor-

tante que há.

Como utilizar a gaveta dos detergentes e o recipiente da lixívia.


Ariston está perto de si mesmo depois da

compra (p. 27)


Compreensão do painel dos comandos (p. 17 - 18)

A Ariston dá apoio aos produtos mesmo depois da compra, ao oferecer

O painel dos comandos da Margherita é muito simples. São poucos

serviços especiais, assistência técnica profissional, peças de

os comandos essenciais para decidir qual a lavagem, desde a mais

substituição e acessórios originais.

enérgica, capaz de limpar o fato de macaco de um mecânico, até à

delicadíssima, para tecidos como a caxemira. Familiarize-se com o

painel, para lavar melhor e fazer durar mais a sua máquina de lavar.


Guia dos programas da Margherita (p. 18)

Uma fácil tabela para escolher, com um simples olhar, todos os

programas, as temperaturas, os detergentes e eventuais aditivos.

Escolha a programa certo e obterá uma melhor lavagem, com econo-

mia de tempo, água e energia, dia após dia.


Margherita - Instruções para a instalação e a utilização




O que colocar na

Separar as peças pelo

tipo de tecido e cor, é

máquina de lavar?

importante para obter

Antes de lavar, é possível fazer muito para lavar melhor. Divida as peças

bons resultados

em função do tecido e da cor. Olhe as etiquetas e obedeça as indicações.

Alterne peças pequenas com peças grandes.

Antes de lavar.

As etiquetas dizem

Dispositivo contra o

compatibilidade com o tipo de

Divida a roupa em função do tipo



roupa e com a disposição inicial

de tecido e da firmeza das cores:

Veja sempre as etiquetas:

Esta máquina de lavar roupa é

da mesma. É por isto que a

os tecidos mais resistentes devem

informam tudo sobre a peça de

dotada de um dispositivo especial

máquina, mesmo na rotação

ser separados dos delicados.

roupa e sobre como lavar do

de controlo electrónico, para di-

máxima, não vibra nem produz

As cores claras devem ser

melhor modo.

stribuir bem a carga: antes da


separadas das escuras.

Na página 19 encontrará todos

centrifugação, este dispositivo

Esvazie as algibeiras (moedas,

os segredos dos símbolos

garante que as roupas se

papéis, dinheiro e pequenos

indicados nas etiquetas das peças

disponham o mais uniformemen-

objectos) e verifique os botões.

de vestuário. Estas indicações

te possível no tambor, em

Pregue ou retire os botões quase

são preciosas para lavar melhor

soltos, pois poderão soltarem-se

e fazer durar mais as roupas.

durante a lavagem.

Iniciar a Margherita

Assim que for instalada, realize um ciclo de

lavagem regulada no programa "1" a 90 graus.

Colocar a Margherita a funcionar

1.A porta de vidro está bem

do modo certo é importante, seja


para a qualidade da lavagem, seja

2.A ficha está colocada na

para prevenir problemas e aumen-


tar a duração da máquina de la-

3.A torneira da água está aberta.

var. Depois de ter colocado a

roupa, o detergente e os

Ligue a máquina

eventuais aditivos, controle sem-

Carregue no botão B (posição I ).

pre se:

Escolha do programa

Para as peças mais

O programa é escolhido com base

Se desejar interromper o

Nesta altura é possível abrir com

delicadas: feche num

no tipo de roupas a serem lavadas.

programa em andamento,

segurança a porta de vidro.

saquinho de pano as

Para escolher o programa, consulte

carregue no botão C pelo menos

Depois de ter tirado a roupa,

roupas de baixo,

a tabela da página 18. Rode o

3 segundos.

deixe sempre a porta de vidro

meias de senhoras e

selector A até o programa

aberta ou semi aberta de modo

peças delicadas, para

escolhido coincidir com a marca

No final da lavagem ...

que a humidade restante no


indicadora situada na parte

Aguarde que o símbolo

interior possa evaporar.

superior do vidrinho G, regule

apague e que apareça escrito a

Feche sempre a torneira da água.

todas as opções disponíveis (a

palavra End.

Lembre-se que em caso de cor-

piscar) da maneira indicada nas

Carregue o botão de ligado/

te de água ou energia, ou caso

pág. 17 e 18 (referência

) e, em

desligado B (posição O), para

desligue a máquina a meio da

seguida, carregue no botão C

desligar em seguida a Margheri-

lavagem, o programa selec-



cionado permanece em


Como eliminar as manchas mais frequentes

Tinta e esferográfica: Passar algodão molhado com álcool metílico ou álcool 90°.

Alcatrão: Passe um pano com manteiga fresca, terebintina e lave logo de seguida.

Cera: Raspe e em seguida passe com ferro bem quente entre duas folhas de papel absorvente. Em seguida

passe algodão com aguarrás ou álcool metílico.

Pastilha elástica: Passe acetona e em seguida limpe com um pano.

Bolor: Coloque o algodão e linho branco numa solução de 5 partes de água, uma de lixívia e uma colher de

vinagre, lave logo em seguida. Para outros tecidos brancos use água oxigenada 10 volumes e lave logo em seguida.

Batom: Passe éter se o tecido for de lã ou algodão. Para seda utilize terebintina.

Verniz: Apoie a parte manchada sobre uma folha de papel absorvente, molhe com acetona, desloque a

peça a medida que o papel absorver a tinta.

Relva: Passe algodão molhado com álcool metílico.

Margherita - Instruções para a instalação e a utilização




Explicação do painel de comandos

Aqui é você quem manda



Escolher os programas certos importante. E é fácil.

Selector de programas

Os selectores são do

tipo embutido. Para

Para seleccionar os programas é

extraí-los basta

preciso fazer coincidir a marca

carregar ligeiramente

indicadora situada no vidrinho G

no centro.

com o símbolo/número

correspondente ao programa que






manchas mais resistentes. Para


activá-la carregue na tecla Select

Quando o botão B for carregado,

até aparecer a escrita On.

a máquina de lavar roupa estará

Durante a lavagem, a activação

ligada, quando não for carregado

desta opção será assinalada pelo

Mode Select

estará desligada.


que se acende.

Variação de centrifugação

Se a máquina for desligada, o

Esta opção estará activada com os

O visor indicará a velocidade

programa seleccionado não

programas 2-3-5-6-7-8-10 e

máxima correspondente ao

será anulado.


programa definido, é possível di-

Observ.: Não deve ser utilizada

Quando a máquina é ligada,

minuir a velocidade se carregar na

todos os símbolos existentes no

com a opção Engomar fácil.

tecla Select até desactivá-la (Off).

visor acendem-se 8 segundos e,

Durante uma lavagem, a

Engomar fácil

em seguida, piscarão apenas os

desactivação da centrifugação será

Esta função possibilita obter

que puderem ser seleccionados.

Display - Visor

assinalada pelo símbolo

que se

roupa lavada não amarrotada,

Na parte da direita serão mostradas


portanto mais fácil de engomar.

todas as opções disponíveis.

Esta opção estará activada com

Em função do tipo de tecido, a

Start /Reset

Mediante a tecla Mode é possível

todos os programas excepto o 11

máquina optimizará as condições

Este botão possibilita começar o

seleccionar a opção desejada cujo

e o Descarga.

de lavagem.

programa de lavagem

símbolo começará a piscar. Na par-

Intensidade de lavagem

Estará activada com os

programado ou interrompê-lo.

te da esquerda é mostrado o valor

Possibilita modificar as

programas 3-5-6-7-8-11 e

Com uma breve pressão do botão

ou o estado (On-Off) da opção

características do programa de


activa-se Start (Início), com uma

seleccionada, que será possível

lavagem escolhido, em função do

Para activá-la carregue no botão

pressão de pelo menos 3

modificar mediante a tecla Select.

Select até aparecer a escrita On.

grau de sujidade da roupa a ser

segundos no botão, activa-se

Para obter acesso à opção

Nos programas 6-7-8-11 e

seguinte, carregue na tecla Mode,

lavada. Há três níveis, para

Reset (Restabelecimento).

Enxaguamento delicado, o ci-

Depois de Start, deslocar o

ou então carregue na tecla C (Start/

seleccioná-los carregue na tecla

clo de lavagem interrompe-se e


selector de programas não terá

Reset) para começar o ciclo de

as roupas permanecem de molho

mais nenhuma consequência.



na água antes do escoamento.

A seguir há uma lista de todas as

Para completar o ciclo carregue

operações disponíveis.

na tecla Select.

Gaveta dos detergentes

Em função do programa

Durante a lavagem, a activação


É dividida em três comparti-

definido, estarão activadas

desta opção será assinalada pelo

somente as correspondentes



que se acende.


1. Detergente para a pré-

Observ.: Não deve ser utilizada



com a opção Nódoas difícies.

2. Detergente para a lavagem;

Variação de temperatura

O visor indica a temperatura

Esta opção estará activada com

Nível de enxaguamento

3. Amaciador.

A máquina de lavar roupa também

máxima correspondente ao

os programas 1-2-3-5-6-7-8.

Serve para aumentar a eficiência

programa definido, é possível di-

da enxaguamento. É aconselhável

é dotada de um recipiente adicional

Delay timer

minuir a temperatura se carregar

utilizá-la quando a máquina de la-

4 (fornecido) para a lixívia, a ser

Possibilita começar posterior-

na tecla Select, até chegar à

var roupa estiver carregada cheia

colocado no compartimento 1.

mente o funcionamento da

lavagem a frio (Off).

e com doses altas de detergente.

máquina, depois de 1 a 24 horas,

Esta opção estará activada com

Há três níveis, para seleccioná-los

mediante a tecla Select.

todos os programas de lavagem.

carregue na tecla Select.


A activação do início posterior é

Aqui encontram-se as descrições

assinalada pelo símbolo



dos programas de lavagem e das

permanecerá acesso até o ciclo

funções correspondentes aos

de lavagem começar.

botões. Para abrir, puxe para fora.

Esta opção não estará activada




com os programas Descarga e


Nódoas difícies

(veja na




pág. 21)


Esta opção estará activada com

Mediante este comando, a máquina

os programas 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 e

de lavar roupa efectua uma


lavagem mais intensa que optimiza

O recipiente dos detergentes com

a eficácia dos aditivos líquidos, e

o recipiente adicional para a

assim possibilita eliminar as

lixívia é aqui.

Nota: A função não é activa.


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